OBL Mechanical Workshop national and international leader .

Thank to considerable experience in the paper industry in the overhaul, maintenance, technical updating, sale and installation od new lines.

Established in 1985, O.B.L. s.r.l. has considerable experience in the paper industry.

The paper making tradition in the area around Villa Basilica already present in the 1700s, enabled the growth of numerous mechanical workshops to cater for the sector. 

The history of our workshop dates back to 1920 when it was founded by the Barsi brothers, who up until 1972 were responsible for the company’s development. In 1972 the company changed it’s name to C.L. and in 1985, took on it’s current name, O.B.L. 

Our considerable experience in the paper industry, which ranges frommaintenance to overhauling,technical updating to the start-up of new lines, has enabled us to operate at a global level.

15 May 2015
Online our new Web site!
OBL celebrates its 30th year in business!